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Star Wars Kiddie Party

The Force is Strong, The Party is Stronger

“A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away…” a birthday party of nebulous proportion took place. And it was awesome. I mean, c’mon, it’s Star Wars. If there is anyway a kiddie party planner can mess up a Star Wars party, this isn’t an article about it.

From the size of the venue, the wall décor, the color motif, and the animated ceiling, you can’t expect the party to rate anywhere less than “Stellar.” It was spacious and space-like. One wall has a perspective wallpaper of the Deathstar with Starfighters and Flagships. Another wall is dedicated to a landscape of Geonosis.

And the crowd cheered in Fear

Not only was the birthday well conceptualized, it was well researched too. Mind you, but instead of midgets with green body paint in a brown bathrobe, they actually invited Darth Vader’s empire together with Darth Maul. How much the costume and make-up cost, I haven’t the foggiest, but whatever it was that they put on their faces or made their costumes out of, it surely would have convinced me try and blast them with laser guns. The characterization, apart from the costume, did not only make the party; it brought the whole world of Star Wars to the guests.


They even got the emblem right

The food looked awesome and the music left less to be desired but the whole experience could only be unforgettable. There were activities that are geared to enhance the experience such as “Shoot Darth’s Plate with a Storm Trooper Laser Gun.” And they won’t even let you get home without an aftertaste. Aside from a free souvenir for each guest, there is a souvenir shop modeled after none other than the iconic and most loved character of the franchise, R2D2.


Batteries not included

It’s appropriately a party for a 7 year old. Culturally, in The Philippines, a child’s 7th birthday is one of the monumental events a parent throws. As to why this is, I don’t know but if 7th birthdays are supposed to be awesome, the kid celebrating this Star Wars party is a happy camper. Given that such an elaborate theme as Star Wars can be made both possible and convincing—apart from being down-right jaw dropping—by Ailen Lim Events, most any theme could be just as possibly executed to be just as good.